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Steel construction parts from Wien – rolled and forged ringsAt Taferner-Stahlhandel you can find different rolled and forged rings

Rings are used in different sectors as part of steel construction. If you are looking for rolled or forged rings you are completely right at Taferner-Stahlhandel. We do have the expertise and the possibility to offer steel rings in different grades and sizes. Including heat treatable steel, Stainless Steel and Metals as Aluminium and Bronze.

Rolled and forged rings in different sizes

As your specialist for special alloys and heat resistant steels we are able to offer rings burned form sheets, seamless rolled, forged, centrifugal casted, or bended and penetrated welded.

From high temperature Stainless Steel and Superduplex to Nickel Alloys we machine all construction parts in different sizes as you need. Including grades like:

  • 2.4360
  • 2.4816
  • 2.4819
  • 1.4116
  • 1.4542
  • 1.4835
  • 1.4034
  • and a lot of other grades

You don´t know which construction part you do need and if this part shall be a rolled or a forged rings?

It will be a pleasure for us to help your with kindly and competent advice. Our team do have the necessary experience in the Metall and Steel sector and we will try to find the right solution for you.

Please call +43 (676) 576 00 56 or write us through our contact form.

We will answer you as soon as possible.
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